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Implementing Procedures for the Whistleblower Policy

I.  Purpose and Scope

The rights and protections of people when making protected disclosures are covered by the (Whistleblower Protection Policy). 

II.   Making A Whistleblower Report

A. Who can report

B. Anonymous Reports 

C. Where to file 

Oral or written reports may be directed to any of the following:



  • UC Whistleblower Hotline 800-403-4744 (oral only); or

Note:This service, operated independently of the University and the campus, assures anonymity, assigns a case number to each caller, and acts as an intermediary for the institution.  Anonymous callers may receive information about the disposition of their report by making subsequent hotline inquiries using the assigned case number.

Note: Under the law, the State Auditor is prohibited from disclosing the identity of a whistleblower unless he or she obtains the whistleblower’s permission to do so, or when the disclosure is to a law enforcement agency that is conducting a criminal investigation.

If an individual is unsure of whether or not to report, he or she may contact the Office of the Ombuds to discuss the matter confidentially.   The Office of the Ombuds is not required to report the matter pursuant to this policy. Therefore, discussing an issue with the Office of the Ombuds does not constitute formal notice to the University.  Office of the Ombuds, 1205-K Girvetz Hall, 893-3285.

Providing the following information regarding each allegation is most useful; however, answers to all these questions are not required to file a whistleblower report. 

IV. Receiving a Whistleblower Report

Managers, supervisors or other report recipients should create a written document of all oral reports of suspected improper governmental activities and forward it to the LDO as soon as possible. When receiving an anonymous report, the recipients should obtain as much specific and relevant information as possible during that initial contact.
  • Director of Academic Personnel
  • Director of Accounting Services and Controls
  • Director of Audit Services
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Academic Policy
  • Director, Office of Equal Opportunity
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Chief of Police

Depending on the outcome of the investigation and subsequent findings, the LDO will communicate the investigation findings to the appropriate administrator or manager for action.  The administrator or manager will inform the LDO of the appropriate action taken.   



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